Awesome Features

The best features for bulk and effortless photo resizing needs

  • Pre-built formats

    Instantly select from 30+ pre-defined popular sizes and formats

  • Custom size

    Resize your images and photos to any size that fits your needs

  • Background style

    Add the perfect background style from the 5 ready-made options

  • Batch image editor

    Edit few images for the needed style and size with a single tap

  • Template builder

    Build and save the exact format and style you need for future editings

  • Instant share to social media

    Share your ready for likes perfect photo to all popular platforms

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How It Works?

Three simple steps to get your perfect image or photo

Select your original photo you’d like to resize or edit

Choose the perfect size for your image and background style

Share ready and edited photos to your social media directly from the app or save it to the gallery.

5 ready-for-use background styles

Single color background

Select the color that would fill the rest of the image

Gradient background

Select the gradient single or multi color style for the image

Background blur

Blur the background of the photo you’re editing

Fade effect

Add the fade effect for the image you want to edit

Pattern effect

Add one from the 15+ ready patterns to the image or use your own

New effects coming soon

Formats that fits all needs

Select on of the premade size or choose your individual one

  • Instagram formats: Square, Story, Reel, Portrait Post, Landscape Post
  • Facebook formats: simple post, cover photo
  • Twitter post 7:8, 7:4, 2:1
  • Premade 30+ sizes
  • Customized user-defined size with extra-effects added

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Frequently Asked Questions

Subscriptions are managed by Android and you could cancel Croc Photo subscription in the system settings. Please follow this instruction:
On your Android device, go to your subscriptions in Google Play.
Select the subscription you want to cancel.
Tap Cancel subscription.
Follow the instructions.

Subscriptions are managed by iOS and you could cancel Croc Photo subscription in the system settings. Please follow this instruction from Apple:

There are two ways of using Croc Photo app:
1) simple resize image over “Resize Image” tool available on the home screen.
Here you can pick an image (or multiple images), set the size you need and share resized image (store into gallery or send it to some app directly).
So you could reduce the size of image here or stretch it to the specified size.

2) fit an image into specified format or size.
Here you can pick any format or size from home screen or enter own size over “Custom Size” tool then pick an image (or multiple images) and after that choose a background style that will be applied to the area formed after image fitting. And after that an editor is opened where style can be fine tuned.
One use case of this scenario is preparing an image for Instagram square post. I’ve attached an example of the photo fitted into square and applied gradient background style + white frame. So the whole lamp is visible. If original photo is posited so the part of lamp on top and bottom will be cropped.

Hope this helps you to understand how the app works.

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